Zoom80 Series

Zoom80R robotic and Zoom80S servo are technologically advanced motorised total stations that scout, track, and aim reflectors fully automatically.

With this motorised total station you have a lot of comfort and all the advantages of one man surveying.
The advanced positioning technology is high efficient and ensures you that it “Works when you do”.


  • S cout – finds your passive prism fully automatically
  • TR ack – continously follows your prism
  • A iM – highest precision aiming at your prism – any time, any condition with constantly high accuracy

Long Range Bluetooth

  • High-Speed Data Link
  • Reliable Connectivity
  • License Free

Powerful Handheld

  • Inbuilt Camera (3 M Pixel)
  • Compass & Altimeter
  • Long-range Bluetooth®

Together with the additional incredible features such as 1,000 m reflectorless measurement capability, Navigation light and 1” accuracy, this robotic total station boosts you performance and accuracy all day long – day by day.

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