ZLT300/200 Series

At GeoMax we understand that your equipment should be as flexible as you. With the ZLT300 and ZLT200 we introduce a series of multi-purpose lasers that cover all the range from machine control, site work, pipe laying to interior finishing.

We level, you work
Now is the time to stop chasing bubbles to get your job levelled. And the good thing is that you are only one button push away. From site work and levelling to alignment, pipe laying, interior finishing and civil engineering projects, the ZLT300 and ZLT200 are the partners that help you to get the job done in time, with the required accuracy and reliability. And all of this to the priceto- performance ratio GeoMax is known for.

Multi Application
Both ZLT300 and ZLT200 offer automatic horizontal levelling as well as manual grades in both axis. Additionally the ZLT300 allows vertical levelling. In combination with the plump laser function on the ZLT300 it can serve you to align the laser to vertical and horizontal reference points. Using the plumb laser you have the perfect partner for pipe laying jobs in pipes ≥ ø 150 mm.

Dual Grade Slopes
With the manually adjustable grades you can simply match slopes in one or two axis by using the laser in manual mode. While used on one manual slope the automatic cross axis self levelling provides you with maximum security.

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